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Jen and Tom: Married in Newport

Jen and Tom were high school sweethearts, and finally tied the knot on THE most gorgeous day in May ever.  It was the perfect temperature and the most beautiful light, and it was all a perfect backdrop for their beautiful day.  These two cats come from really, really awesome families (straight outta Little Rhody) and we absolutely loved being there for them.  Thank you so much to both Jen and Tom for trusting us with your gorgeous day.  Good luck, have fun, LOVE!!!


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Joanna and Dave: Married in Brooklyn

So, you’re going to think you’re looking at photos of the Oscars, but this is a real wedding full of real(ly good) people.  Joanna, the bride, miiiiiiiight be my favorite person ever, but she’s tied with the rest of her family so it’s a real toss up.  Joanna is cousins with my best guy friend (besides Ben….haha, I’m so lame) and they have made me family since the very first moment I met them.  I spend Christmas Eve with this crew, I love and adore them all so much it gives me Family Envy.  Real bad.    Anyway, Ben and I photographed this INSANELY gorgeous couple during a light snow storm in December in Brooklyn.  Talk about best case scenario.   It was the highlight of a season and a career.  We absolutely love this wedding, this couple, these friends, these families, and we’re HONORED, absolutely honored, to be asked to document this wedding.  We hope you enjoy it.  Thank you so much!  LOVE!!


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Beth and Spiro: a coupla stars get married at Lake Pavillion, Foxborough

I know a star human being when I see one, I do, and these two are just that.   Beth and Spiro are two of the nicest, most loved, best familie’d (not a word) couple around, and it was a JOY to see their friendship and love turn right there into a marriage.  During our formal photographs, Beth and Spiro’s dog charged toward a flock of geese and Beth HUNG ON to him…IN HER WEDDING DRESS!!  It was truly the best thing I’ve seen in a wedding dress ever.  And I’ve seen a bunch.  She truly showed her heart and soul right there: fully dedicated to NOT letting her Husky go, and not givin’ a fuck about dirt on her dress. BRAVO, Beth!  And Spiro’s grandmother was able to attend the wedding and I happen to be there when he was greeting her and thanking her for coming.  There wasn’t a dry eye as far as I could see (which wasn’t that far since I was bawling).   Enjoy their wedding photos, they had a perfect day! Yay Life!  Thank you so much! Good luck!!


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Kailee and Ryan: Married on Cape Cod

These are surely two of the nicest kids of all time!  And it really was a total pleasure and honor to be there to document their wedding day!  Kailee and Ryan are ultra kind, super patient and loyal, and absolutely adored by all who surround them.  Their wedding was a PAR TAY and I’m pretty sure every single person there was on the dance floor.  I can’t say enough good things.  Love you guys.  Have fun and GOOD LUCK!!


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Greta and Rebecca: Married at The Codman Estate, Lincoln, MA

Nothing I love more than being there for two great women tying the knot, that’s for damn sure.  Rebecca and Greta met when they were working at Perkins School for the Blind (rad!), and their friendship grew.  They used to come to my yoga class, and I liked them both quite a bit right away.  Something about their no bullshit loyalty and grit made me really look forward to seeing them every week.  Fast forward three years and I got to photograph their perfectly gorgeous wedding at The Codman Estate.  Something extra special about photographing two women getting married in front of a mansion from a time where that was unheard of.  It’s kinda feels like flipping off the antiquated homophobia, or mooning Trump.  Either or.:)   So, ya…the Codman is gorgeous and Greta and Rebecca did SUCH a nice job with having a beautiful, elegant, delicious, perfect wedding.  They had a blast, as did all their friends and family, and I loved every second.  Thank you, girls!  Good luck! LOVE!!

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