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Jill and Ramez and a super fun wedding.

We left Jill and Ramez’ wedding with that all over warm and fuzzy feeling we get once in a while;  we love our job so much we still can’t believe it’s a job. And as far as we can see it, there’s no other way to start a party than to invite a lot of […]

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We have a couple crush on Lauren and Chris…

..and we don’t even care that it’s totally hopeless.  Ya know, since the wedding date is set and all.   Lauren and Chris are just about the most hilarious, gorgeous, and fun peeps around. And you thought YOU were a Pats fan?  Lauren’s rabid.  Chris?  He could take or leave ’em.  😉 Lauren’s eyes make me […]

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Jen and Brad (Lipshits)

Portsmouth, New Hampshire was in her full glory the day we photographed Brad and Jen last month.  Doesn’t hurt that Jen is a stunning beauty, Brad is handsome and hilarious, and margaritas after a photo shoot go down reeeeeeeaaaaal smooth-like when it’s 90 degrees in May! First things first:  Ben climbs a tree for a […]

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