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Abbie and Ryan got married. Why, what’d you do?

Really nice, smart, loving couple alert!! toot toot! (that’s the nice, smart, loving couple siren).   Abbie is a doctor, Ryan is a professor at Babson, which is only about 1/10000 of why they’re awesome.  This couple is happy and in love and very very grateful to have found one another.  They spent their young life […]

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Judy and Eric. Married…. again.

About a year ago, Eric decided he wasn’t letting Judy leave when her student visa expired, so he wifed her on up at the courthouse. I mean court houses are cool, butttt every girl deserves a big day so that’s where we come in. Back in January, Judy found us on the world wide of […]

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Jen and Ian married each other which means you can’t marry either of ’em now. Which stinks for you.

Yo.  So Jenn and Ian are really good looking, really funny, and super cool which means…you guessed it…they live nowhere around here.   Yup, they met here in MA which is no surprise since we manufacture some funny ass folks, but they moved because they’re too pretty and Massachusetts makes like zero soap operas which leaves […]

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