Monthly Archives: September 2013

Emily and Mike had an incredibly fun wedding.

whoa.  you plan and you plan and you plan and you PLAN for this day and hope for the very best.  and then?  And then the wedding BLOWS YOUR EXPECTATIONS OUT OF THE H2O!?!  yeeeaa… I see it a lot, but this one was gooooood. Emily is very very homely.  Poor thing.  And fat?  jeesh.   […]

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Rachel and Will. So married you don’t even know.

Rachel is a Cambodian chick  from Paris.  nbd.  I mean..honestly… who isn’t?  And how many Cambodian French princesses do you know who have landed a nice Jewish doctor from Yale?  Like a million, right?  Totally. Ya, so… this is a special couple. Real in love, too.  Reeeeal in love.  Awesome stuff to see.  Rachel and […]

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