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Cat and Dave. My best friends wedding.

How am I even supposed to start this post. Hopefully most of you skip right over this part and look at the pictures cause it’s probably going to be a page and a half of pure nonsense where I try to tell you about my friend Catherine Mary and her husband Dave. Catherine and I […]

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Rachel and Tom. Married at the BPL.

I have this serious problem with having huge ridiculous couple crushes. Rachel and Tom are absolutely no exception. Im actually jealous of them because they’re both just cooler than me. They’re both so damn sweet and laid back and funny and quirky and Tom is such a good dancer and Rachel looks like a supermodel […]

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Sarah and John. Hitched.

Sometimes work is fun. For you, I mean. For me it’s always fun. Let’s be real, I went to Florida with a bunch of college friends and brought my camera. If you want to call that work. Sarah was a college roommate of mine. I’m lying, she lived down the hall, but I never remember […]

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