Kim and Charles’ ‘asking party’…

So, I’m 100% certain there’s a more proper way to describe this traditional Vietnamese event than ‘asking party’, but it gets the point across and my Vietnamese is rusty.  So, Charles is Vietnamese and Kim is a Polish Bostonian guy.  That’s not true.  But the opposite is.

So  apparently, and awesomely enough, a Vietnamese tradition is to have the groom’s family come over the bride’s family bearing gifts…and a ask for the woman’s hand in marriage.  The bride is in hiding during the exchange of gifts between the two families and the groom’s father asking the bride’s father for her hand.  Ideally the girl’s dad says yes and the beautiful bride is presented.  BOOM!  We’ve got an Asking Party.   This is exactly how it went down last Saturday in Easton…traditional Sun and Moon Cakes and sticky rice as gifts, and errthing. It was super cool to be there for this and Kim looked amaaaaaazing.  GAHHHH….  She wore the most beautiful bright yellow Vietnamese dress and this headdress that made me swoon.  It was such an honor to be there for such a traditional and beautiful event.  I love life.  It just gets better every single day.

Charles and Kim get married in a year.  We’ll be there.  You’ll see.

thank you. enjoy. love.

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