Melissa and Rich. Marrrrieddddd.

Melissa and Rich have been dating since they were in diapers. I mean they haven’t… but it feels that way when you’re around them. Their group of friends is so big and tight and f*cking awesome it’s so obvious how rooted they are. I absolutely love that. It’s a true testament to the type of person you are to be surrounded by your childhood friends on your wedding day.

Max and I showed up a few weeks ago and had more fun that we have had in a longggg time. Rich’s boys were out of control crazy fun, Melissa’s girls were welcoming and funny and pretty. Every single person at this wedding was some kind of crazy good dancer, or maybe it was just the hat. #iamthegreatest. I had like 6 different guest crushes by the end of the night and if we dont get hired again by this crew Im gonna be reallllll upset.

Melissa, Rich, all your amazing friends, and your families, (and Lugo) we absolutely love you all. We can’t wait to see you all again. Thank you. good luck. love.

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