Ann & Clinton: The Azores, Portugal

Tara is officially out of the country and has landed safe in Chile…….. so guess who’s takin over!!!!

Ann & Clinton are two of my closest friends, so when they asked if I would join their epic adventure of a wedding, it was a tough sell.   We hopped on a plane to the Azores and swapped planes to get to Faial. Amazing!!!!  Ann’s dad was born here and she wanted to do some exploring. There was no real plan, go with the flow and see what happens. Within two days, and through more serendipity  than one could ever plan, everything was set. Cake, flowers, private restaurant reservations, ceremony site, and just about any other foreseeable detail for the day. A low stress, laid back, unique adventure to celebrate the coming together of two very special and unique people.

After scouting several locations to have the ceremony, we all secretly hoped that when we got to the rim of the volcano, it would be as cool as we imagined it……. and oh was it!!!!! Absolutely breathtaking. Unexplainable in words, which is why it’s a good thing I brought a camera. We had an impromptu engagement shoot at sunset on the rim. This is one of those times in my life that I know I won’t ever forget. The chance to do what I love to do, both with and for two people whom I love dearly, in a place as epic and amazing as the rim of a volcano, in the middle of the Atlantic. The awe didn’t fade as we hit Horta by storm for formals the next day. We had the day to celebrate and explore and then back to the rim for a sunset ceremony. Well, I’m sure the sun was setting, somewhere behind the dark clouds and freezing wind that blew in as we arrived at the rim. Not ones to let a little weather get in the way of a good time, the ceremony was just hastened a bit.  Great food, delicious cake and a unique first dance, and I’d call that a wedding. We rounded out the celebrations with a few more days of merriment and exploration and then started the journey home…………

To Ann & Clinton, I want to thank you both for dreaming of such an amazing adventure for a wedding and then having the guts to do it. To everyone else, please dream up your own epic adventure wedding, and then have the guts to bring us 😉

If you want to see more of Ann & Clinton’s wedding day and highlights from the week, you can see more at



This is Horta, Faial.


You have to shoot somewhere, why not a volcano.

One of the most beautiful and inspiring place I have ever been.

Ann going over any last minute details before the big day.

Ann & Ann ( that didn’t get confusing all week) were a little thrown oft my excitement to shoot getting readies with the girls……. Tara always steals that one.


The architecture was so unique and beautiful, even in buildings that had been long forgotten.

This is the bar at the hotel that Manuel Brum ran. He was as nice a person as we could have met. He arranged the flowers from his beautiful garden, open his bar for just us and became an old friend quite quickly.

This is the lava flow that runs through Manuel’s garden……. I know, it must suck.


Who knew Clinton was so romantic.


I tried convincing them that the real shot would be them jumping in, but I don’t think they could hear me…….. or maybe they just pretended that they couldn’t.

Yes folks, Ann is a supermodel.

A windy, cold and short ceremony. Epic and amazing….. but cold.

They did a special feather release at the end of their ceremony. A unique way to end a unique ceremony.

The wedding party (above)…. the wedding photographer (below)

Ann and Clinton were up for anything, so it was no surprise that when I suggested that they do their first dance in the abandoned stone house by where we were staying, that they were super into it.

A contemplative Ann, looking out to what is ahead.

I could not have wished for a better view as we left the island. Above is the rim they were married on, and below is the tip of Pico, the island next to Faial.


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April 4, 2010 - 9:59 am

Ann Brum - Every time I look at the Faial, Azores Pics, it always brings touches a very special place in my heart.
You will never truly know how much we love you and appreciate this form of Art.
With our utmost gratitude –
Ann -n- Clinton

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