Deanne and Jeff: Married at Holliston Historical Society

About 20 times throughout Deanne and Jeff’s wedding Ben and I turned to each other and said with an exhale, ‘wow. this is a really nice wedding…’ Deanne and Jeff have been dating since they were 16 (give or take), and their first photo together was at that age (below).  In spite of the fact that they’ve truly grown up together they look at each other and treat each other with such a gentle love it’s absolutely beautiful.  They are two gentle souls, raised well, and surrounded by love their whole lives.  They have deep friendships with extremely nice people, but/and they are each other’s very best friend.

They live in San Francisco and were married at Holliston Historical Society which is some kind of hidden gem if I’ve ever seen one. It’s absolutely perfect with the sweetest barn, a great lawn, and a beautiful old home.   They got ready in the house and the ceremony was on the lawn.  Red Bones catered the event (RAD!!!) and their party was in the gorgeous old barn that they decorated beautifully.

Ya, I loved this wedding and this couple.   Deanne and Jeff, good luck in all things.  Be well.  Peace, health, and happiness to both of you and your families forever and then some.   Thank you for your trust.


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