Mandy and Nick. Hitched.

Pretty pretty wedding alert!!!

Mandy and Nick won us over from across the country. They both grew up here but the two of them are kiiiiinda cool and live on the west coast right now. They are in Portland where Nick races motorcycles and Mandy gets nervous 😉  They are super sweet and kind and funny and in love. Mandy and I fell in love over the phone a half a year ago and then finally met in person when she was in town one day. We didn’t have the pleasure of meeting Nick until the day of, but as expected we loved him too. The two of them got married at the Lighthouse Inn in Dennis on the prettiest day everrrrr. it wasn’t hot. it wasn’t cold. it was perfectly sunny and the sky was so blue it confused me. 150 of their closest friends flew in from all over the country to celebrate with them and everyone was hammed by the end of the night. Obviously that’s our kind of crew.

Mandy and Nick, we absolutely adore you two. Wish you didnt live so damn far away. good luck. love!

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