Maria and Ryan. Our besties got hitched.

this is gonna be a long post. get over it. or just skip and look at pictures. but really read it. no really.

A couple years ago Tara and I worked with Maria at one of our favorite weddings ever. Maria was the wedding planner from Janie Haas Events (you should know them, they win Best of Boston every damn year) and we both had an instant crush on her. It wasn’t the fact that shes a super hero wedding planner… more so the fact that she rules planet leg and she looks like a god damn model. Needless to say when Maria and Ryan inquired for Hitched to shoot their wedding last year, I did cart wheels when Tara and Ben were already booked and Max and I got the gig. Sorry, T. Am I still talking about me?

so Maria and Ryan aren’t clients anymore. We’re straight up friends. We like… text and shit. don’t be jealous. Our job is so rad for reasons like this. After dating eachother for over ten years they figured it was time to throw one of our favorite weddings ever. They got married at a church in Newburyport and then raged at the Portsmouth Harbor Events & Conference Center. Maria took this room and turned it into a fairryyy tale. She hired her, now friend, Alex of ALPS lighting and got herself a twinkle wall and pin lighting and uplighting and all sorts of lighting that would blow your damn mind. Weve seen Alex’s work one other time and that bitch can light 😉 Her table settings looked like something from a story book. whimsical and gorgeous and elegant. I cant even dream of a room this pretty. And then there was the music. First of all she had a trio playing at their ceremony that made me ball (im made of stone). Then Sam James played at her cocktail hour and I cried again. tone it, bro.. he was on the Voice. Their band was Northern Lights who absolutely killed it. I think I looked at Max when we were dodging people on the dance floor and was like “did they even serve salads yet?” Every single detail of this wedding was next level. Im not even close to surpirsed, yet somehow still blown away. Maria, girl, you did it all right. all of it.

All this wedding talk and I haven’t even touched on Maria and Ryan. They are favorites for so many reasons beyond all the love and trust they have shown us. When I make a blog post I try to pick a couple of the dancing pictures and hope that I have a good one or two of the bride and groom having fun. Theres a good chance every dancing picture is of these two and I had about 100 to choose from. They were both absolutely glowing from start to finish. They’ve been best friends for over a decade and threw themselves the party they deserved to celebrate that. I can’t even tell you how happy I am for these two. We wish you both all the happiness in the world. Thank you so so so so so much for the honor and friendship. We love you like crazy. see ya soon 😉

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