Tania and Russ. married. and perfect.

There was about 150 extremely lucky people that got to attend Tania and Russ’s wedding a few weeks ago. I actually feel sorry for the bajillion other people in the world that have no idea about the absolutely gorgeous, fun, awesome, laid back, perfect event that went down. So allow me to tell you about it.

Let’s start with Tania and Russ. Russ is a former basketball player who’s like 19 feet tall, looks like ryan reynolds and has dimples that make you smile without knowing it. You’re welcome, girls. Tania is literally one of the prettiest people I’ve ever been in contact with. It wasnt until I was editing her pictures that I realized she looks like a young Jennifer Aniston, hence my ridiculous girl crush. You’re welcome, girls….. again. Tania hates having her picture taken which makes me wanna punch her in her perfect lil face, but dont worry… she looks perfect in every giggly candid I snapped of her 😉 Russ is actually a former model in his first life so we don’t have to worry much about how damn photogenic he is. Aside from their good looks I honestly could not like a couple more than these two. They are absolute best friends that support eachother and love eachother and know eachother inside and out. I have had the biggest smile on my face for the past month editing these pictures. Thankfully they like me too, because I was just about to find a way to be adopted.

Their wedding was… well… top 3. And I actually dont have a top list of weddings, so let’s just call it a favorite. Here’s a few reasons. Their venue was the Artists for Humanity Epicenter. get into it. Their ceremony was given by one of their mutual friends and was quirky and perfect and written that morning by Russ. Tania’s dress was made by a designer that doesn’t matter and was one of my favorites of all time… she wore her hair down and wore sandles because why wouldn’t she wanna look like herself on her wedding day. As we walked outside to see Russ right before their first look she looks at me “damn it… cant we be done with all this formal stuff so we can just wake up and be hungover and go get eggs.” They didnt serve dinner.. just heavy apps all night to keep their guests happy. Their wedding parties were all time favorites. Tania’s girls had me rolling 5 minutes into her wedding day, and Russ’s was full of a bunch of basketball players. what’s that?? A bunch of hot black dudes at a Hitched Studios wedding?! oh snap!!! Everyone danced. Everyone smiled. Everyone was on cloud f**king nine watching these two get hitched. I ended the night sandwiched between two shirtless groomsmen. it. was. a. perfect. wedding.

Tania, Russ, and everyone of your amazing friends and family members. We adore you. We love you. I cant wait till you make a small little Mr. Tania Kyle so I can photograph the shit outta that baby 😉 love love love. and then more love.

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