Kat and Dan: Married for five years. :)

Kat and Dan got married ago five years ago this month at the summer camp they met at… during Hurricane Danny….in an outdoor ceremony.  Kat, in all her artistic vision and commitment to great photography, refused a tent and had a ceremony in the woods in an outright deluge.  It was absolutely amazing and we loved every second.  We submitted our photos to PDN magazine (Photo District News) and we placed in their world wide ‘Top Knots’ contest for the photos we took at their ceremony.:)  Here is a link to that blog post from five years ago so you can see the photos HERE

They asked Ben and I to come back and photograph them for their five year anniversary last week.  We were stoked. This is what we saw.  Thank you madly to both Kat and Dan.  We wish you nothing but a lifetime of that love and laughter you two share.  We adore you both. Peace.

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