Katie and Jason. Married on Odyssey Boston

Katie and Jason met at a very busy Starbucks when Jason was working there.  She spotted him, thought he was cute, and gave him her number without saying a word.  Jason texted her soon after (even though they never spoke), they went out, and three weeks ago we photographed their wedding.  How cool is that, right?  I mean, is that the best case scenario, or wwhhhhaaat!?   I kinda dig it on a personal note because I have a crush on la guy at the Brookline Village Starbucks that I go to every day (Hi Craig!).

Thaaaaat’s gonna backfire.

Ya, and Katie knows Ben because he photographed her dancing.  Katie is a professional dancer (rad).  So… ya… they got married on a gorgeous Friday evening in August on the Odyssey boat cruise here in ol’ Boston hahbah.  It was super cool and fun.  Their family and friends are amaaaazingly fun and funny.  Like so so so funny.  Crazy ass chicks so needless to say we got along famously.  We did a ton of photographs in the South End area so I feel like this wedding really showcases Boston in her best light.  Oh, and the last few photos are when Katie’s cousin grabbed the mic and started *yelling* My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion and the f*cking captain of the boat (or whatever) totally played into it and came down the stairs all dramatic and hilarious.  We were legit screaming in laughter.    It was amazing.

Thank you all so much.  You’re a killer crew and we had SUCH a good time.  We wish nothing but the very best for all of you.

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August 28, 2014 - 6:21 pm

Lori Palmeira - This was my sons wedding…and was one of the most beautiful days ever..both families looked beautiful and had so much fun.But I have to
say I think I have a very handsome son and gorgeous daughter-in-law…

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