Carolina and Kyle. Married at Tabor Academy

Awesome couple ALERT!!

Carolina went to high school at Tabor Academy down in Marion, MA and loved it so it was a natural choice to hold their wedding there.  And yowza! What a great choice that was!  SUCH a beautiful building and location.  And on a perfect evening, no less!

This couple is smart and successful and funny and kind and interesting.  They naturally attract people just like them so it was SUCH a crazy fun party.  EVERY ONE danced, everyone laughed their asses off, everyone played, everyone supported and loved on the happy couple.  It was a relaxed, loving, sweet day and we got in the car and said, damn, that was really really awesome.  This couple will last forever and we couldn’t be happier about it.  Truly.  Such killer folk.

Love to everyone related to Z or/and Kyle and to all who made it such a fun night.  You guys are so rad, it was an honor to photograph the love and the friendship.  We wish you nothing but the very best life has to offer.  LOVE!

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