Nick & Meg: My great and gorgeous friends

The cat is still away and the mouse is going to show off what he’s been up to. We’re going to do a little cross pollination here. I am also posting some of these and others on, my other site. Check em out. These are not for an engagement or any other landmark event, they just wanted beautiful photographs of themselves at this time in their lives, something I think more people should do.

Nick and Meg are two amazing people and really great friends of mine. Nick is a super talented photographer that I met while we were in school together. Meg is his awesome, amazing girlfriend who is a super talented artist and amazing hair stylist. Put these two together and they are almost too much awesomeness to handle. Throw me in the mix and, well, I’ll let the pictures show what that much awesomeness can do.

Nick and Meg, thank you for your trust,….. and for being super good looking 😉




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