Sara and Matt. Married at The Mandarin Oriental Boston.

Is it dark where you are right now?  That’s probably because two stars fell from the sky and got married a few weeks ago.  Because that made sense and it’s a normal thing to say.   You get the point. We learn a lot about our couples from their wedding, their friends, their family, and when the speeches are REALLY good we learn a lot there, too.  And c’mon now… the speeches at Matt and Sara’s weddings were top notch.  Which means, of course,  funny as hell, not too long, super kind and generous, and funny and short and nice, and funny and short and nice, and funny and short and nice.  Get the point?  Matt’s brother’s speech was one of the best we’ve ever heard and both Dad’s killed it, too. Aaaand Mel, the maid of honor extraordinaire killed it, too (hi mel!).  Sara’s mom and all her friend’s got all dressed up and did a choreographed number to the song Respect which was a riot.  Her mom is wicked funny, too.  And Matt played the sax with the band. So sweet.   Sara’s gonna be a doctor, Matt’s gonna run the world in some math type way.  And I’m apparently really smart.    I love Matt and Sara, can you tell?   Let’s look at how cute they are.  They’re like 9 years old so it’s wicked cute and sweet.   Weddings By Alexis ran the show here.  Hire her, she’s professional and girly.  Just like me.

I love you kids.  Be good. Thank you.

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