Alex and Chris. Hitched.

So we had a bridal meeting with Alex and Chris like 6 years ago. At least that’s what it feels like. And by that I mean it didn’t feel like a bridal meeting at all, it was just the first time we’d all meet, fall in love, and question why it had taken us so long to find eachother. We hung out with them for like 3 hours drank a 12 pack and I think we forgot to talk any details about their wedding. They’re thaaaat kind of couple. ya know, our favorite kind.

Alex and Chris got married a few weeks ago up on the north shore and celebrated all night at the gorgeous Tupper (ware) manor. The last time I left tupper manor I had a black eye from dancing myself into a fire place. That’s a true story and I’m so happy to report I came out of this one unharmed. Alex and Chris are an extreeeemmeeely cool couple. They’re nice and kind and caring and funny and humble and smart and really really good looking. I absolutely love falling for a couple and then meeting their families and understanding why it makes sense. We loved every single person there that night. Thank you guys for trusting us with that honor. we love you and wish you all the best.

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