Stephanie and Erik. Soon to be Hitched.

Last week Max and I went to the fair with our friends Stephanie and Erik. We brought our cameras so I guess you can call that work. Im kind of at a loss for words as to how much I like Stephanie and Erik. Steph was a bridesmaid at one of our all time favorite weddings and she’s a Janie Haas girl so naturally before I even knew her we were destined to be a match. We’re extreeeeeemmmmely grateful that they chose us to photograph their wedding next year. thank you thank you thank you.

So Steph and Erik? they’re the kind of people I feel like I’ve been best friends with for a long time. Down to earth and nice and humble and sweet and smart and generous and really really good looking. We went to the Topsfield fair for their engagement session. It was… amazing. We rode elephants and played games and ate corn dogs and fried dough. Do you know they’ll fry anything these days? literally. its unbelievable. We can’t even wait to see these two again. thank you so much. love you two to death.

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