Lauren and Tucker. Besties. Hitched.

Our first bridal meeting with Lauren and Tucker was after 67 cocktails on a balcony overlooking the ocean in Jamaica with the party master. I know I know, you’re wondering if we get along. So Lauren and Tucker were guests at our very first wedding we ever shot together which happened to be in Jamaica. We spent a few days with them and it all began. They promised that we were going to photograph their wedding despite the fact that they weren’t engaged yet. While we were kinda expecting to be back in Jamaica with our friends Kimberly, Ricardo, and Leon… they found somewhere even better to tie the knot. Josias River Farm is this magical lil barn up in Ogunquit, Maine that only Pinterest enthusiasts could dream of. It’s owned by this sweet couple that live on site and just realized a year or two ago that their barn would make for one hell of a wedding venue.

Tucker and Lauren did everything right. There was no stress. It was laid back and happy and perfect. Their day was was something along the lines of perfect blue sky turned perfect clouds for photographing turned perfect evening for a barn wedding. I’m sorry, what? Dont get me started on how good these two looked. Their style is next level and so perfect for their personalities. Dont worry, I took pictures. They invited all their favorite people and had an all day/night party. No sit down dinner… we don’t take away from dancing, kids. Just all your favorite hors d’oeuvres being passed around all night long, killer music, cocktails in mason jars, twinkle lights, cupcakes, dancing, love, perfection. I wanna keep typing. But you likely stopped reading like 12 lines ago. Lauren and Tucker and every single member of their family and friends…. we’re obsessed with you. I think you already know that, but incase you doubted it for a second… hear it again. We love you we love you we love you. and we miss you. and we’ll see you soon. xoxoox.

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