Jeffie and Deacon. Hitched.

Jeffie and Deacon have pretty much been together since they were like, 4, it just took them a while to realize it. They are both from Annisquam, which is one of those places that seems like everyone knows everyone elses great great grand grand parents. A couple years ago Deacon decides to start dating a ‘local’ girl, with whom he also works with, and who is also the daughter of his boss. That’s either the ballsiest move ever, or the smartest move ever. Let’s just call it love. Fast forward and its as if theyve been together for ever. The families already know eachother, the dads bust eachothers balls like Ive never seen before, they have mutual friends and more support and connections than you could imagine.

We had a two day event with these two. Their rehearsal dinner turned into cocktail party for every guest at the wedding. why wouldnt it? Their wedding day was the prettiest day of our season. Im not exaggerating. They got married in the pasture that their parents used to make out in when they were teenagers. It overlooks the water with a light house. I mean, you gotta get married somewhere, right? They were down for absolutely anything laid back and cool and chill and everything we want in a couple. They partied back at the yacht club with Groovin’ you as their band. Everyone was hammed, everyone was hilarious. so. much. fun. We can’t thank you two enough. Wish you allllllll our love and luck. xoxooxo.

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