Nate and Phil. Hitched.

So we arrreeeeeee wedding photographers after all. After the snowiest of all snowy winters Max and I started this epic year the only way that seemed fitting…. in the snow. Lucky for us, we both love snow, and even luckier for us we both love BOYS! That came out wrong. We both love photographing boys. I love boys. Sorry, Max.

Nate and Phil?! come on. We met these two last year and instantly fell in love. Nate is witty and crude and fits in like he’s known us for years. Phil is sweet and kind and is everything I want in a best friend for life. The two of them together pick up where the last one stops. They were married a few weeks ago surrounded by all their favorite people. Their ceremony was a perfect combination of laughter and poetry and tears and smiles. I already cried at a ceremony… it’s the first one of the year. I’m screwed. Hopefully it’s just because it’s an indescribable honor to photograph the marriage of two guys that are so deeply in love, and watch the enormous outpouring of love and support from family and friends. People love people, people. That’s a beautiful thing.

To follow suit with every other gay wedding we’ve photographed, the dance party was hilariously fun. I honestly don’t know why I ever hold the slightest doubt that two dudes can bring together our favorite dance parties of the year, but this one was as good as the last. We can’t thank you two enough. We had such a blast and wish you all the best. xo.

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