Kim and Kate: Married at Stonover Farms, Lenox, MA

(cue Beastie Boys’ Girls!)  We got ourselves a couple a gals getting all kinds of dream wedding hitched right here!  Jeeeeez… when I say dream wedding, I mean DREAM WEDDING!  I’m obviously speaking for myself, but i could fill a reeeeeal big room with all the women who’s dream wedding this was!   It was held at Stonover Farms in Lenox, MA which is a place that’s even sortof hard to believe when you’re actually there and looking at it.  I sure hope the photos will do the place justice.:)  Their first sighting was super insanely fun and sweet so there are a lot of photos of that.:)And Kim and Kate are raaaaad…. they have about five gagillion friends between the two of em, and I think every single friend would actually jump into moving traffic for either one of these girls.  That’s always such a great vibe..when the place is full of a zillion really great friends.:)  Kim surprised Kate with Boston University’s acapella group to sing their first dance song.  STAB ME!!!!!!!!  Soooo sweet!  And not a dry eye in the entire building!  The party was going CRAZY before the salad course, and the night was truly one of our all time favorite weddings.  We drove away with exhausted smiles plastered to our faces.  We were, and are, just so happy for these two.   We feel VERY very very lucky to have been trusted with this wedding.  It was so much fun, and such an honor to be there.  We love you guys so much.  We wish you nothing but love and happiness and peace and success and laughter and ice cream.  I’m brainstorming on all the good sweetness of life.:)  Thank you so much. LOVE!!


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July 21, 2015 - 5:55 am

Joanna H - YAY!!! SUUUPER gorgeous and amazing!!! Love love love all of these. Tara and Ben done did it again. :)

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