What to expect with album design.

So you want a wedding album, do ya?  Curious about the process?  Here’s how it works:

The first time you see your photographs will be via an online slide show that links to your online shopping cart.  This shopping cart lets you (obviously) buy photographs, as well as choose images for your album.

You will then pick 60-80 photos (depending on your contract) you’d like in your album.  You will actually tage each photograph as  a ‘favorite’ which will then move them into your Favorites Folder on your online shopping cart.  Then you’ll send us that list (there are clear instructions how to do this, not to worry).

Ben will then begin your album design once he receives that list of favorites.  With his unparalleled creativity and album design experience, he will start to put each photo where he thinks it belongs to tell an accurate and emotional story of your wedding day.

You’ll get an email from Ben with a link to your online album design.  Page by page, you’ll be able to see how your book will be layed out.  You can either ‘approve’ the page, or make edits by writing below the page you want changed.  Whether it be that you don’t like the layout or you would rather have this photo here or there.

You and Ben go back and forth with this process until you’re exquisitely happy with your album design.  He sends it off to the book binder and in a couple of months  your album arrives at your door.


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