Erin and Sean. Hitched.

It’s been kind of a crazy year. Erin is my 5th bride this year that I met at Westfield State College. Thanks, universe for being radAF and reconnecting me with old friends. It’s so damn cool and I feel so incredibly honored to be up close and personal on the best day of so many of my friends lives. new or old.

Erin and Sean live out near Worcester… I say near Worcester because I’m not sure I knew their cute little town existed before going to their cute little house for their cute little engagement pictures. They got married near by at the Harding Allen Estate in Barre. I’m sorry, Barre? For the record, that town is pronounced Barry, as in the beer bellied man, not Bar, as in the exercise phenomenon. Who would have thought Barry, MA would hold a gorgeous old mansion with perfect gardens and a huge ballroom that would make wedding planners start fist pumping to John Legend.

Despite their perfect weather and day and venue, let’s take a second to talk about Erin and Sean being two of the sweetest individuals on planet muffin. Erin is also a crossfit coach which is near and dear to my heart, and also means her body is bangin which matches her gorgeous face, hair, and smile. Sean is a stud of a man in uniform, and their dog literally wore a bow tie and cuff links and walked down the aisle. what? You two (three)… couldn’t possibly be happier for you. Thank you so much for such an awesome day. love you all.

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