Shelby and Mike. Married and so sweet.

I need to stop crying at weddings. I’m the photographer. Get a hold of yourself, cyndi. I legitimately cried 5 times at this wedding, like actual tears on my cheeks, not the welling up, let’s stare at the ceiling until it dries up kinda faking it. And I never exaggerate. ever. Let me tell you about real weddings, and real love, kids. It’s almost palpable. Shelby and Mike got married in a catholic church, some of the same readings I’ve heard about 100 times, similar if not the same vows that I’ve heard about 100 times… yet I was a sob fest trying to hold it together so I could take a picture that was in focus. Thankfully no one is looking at me and I can look at everyone else and confirm that this was indeed a special pair because there wasn’t a dry eye in the place. You can’t fake that. It owns you.

That, my friends, is special. Shelby and Mike caused that. Their love for one another, and their families and friends was so evident throughout their entire day. Shelby was cool, calm and collected getting ready, no stress, no worries. I didn’t get to hang with mike during the getting readies, but from what I can tell he was rippin shots and playing corn hole and having an awesome time with his friends. Is that not your most ideal wedding day? Lucky for us, Shelby and Mike welcomed us into their friend circle back in Jamaica when we first met them. They were guests at our very first wedding when we drank dirty bananas and danced the wobble with Jamaicans for 5 days. Needless to say, Max and I had a little bit of fun at this party as well. We’re incredibly grateful for this job. Thank you Shelby and Mike! we adore you two. xo

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