Steph and Erik. Hitched!

Steph and Eriks wedding was a season favorite. ya ya… I say that a lot. But here’s the thing about this one… I think we stayed for like 11 hours, and we would have stayed longer if my feet weren’t going to fall off. Is it wrong when the photographers feet hurt ridiculously bad from dancing at a wedding? I left my phone at the reception like I was a drunken guest and had to walk of shame it later in the week to pick it up. The restaurant manager is all… “ya that was a crazy wedding”. Im all… “totes, I was the sober photographer”.

So my friend, Stephanie is a Janie Haas girl. Which means she’s a wedding and bar/bat mitzvah coordinator extrodinaire. She used every one of her favorite vendors to transform this restaurant in Newbury Port into something the waitstaff has never seen before. I don’t remember the name of the place, but it doesn’t matter because it certainly has never and will never look as good as it did that night. She brought in white loungey furniture, draped everything in white, hung mirrors, ordered flowers that looked like they were fresh off the boat from hawaii, uplit the shit out of the room, and  brought in a photo booth that was more of an amusement park ride that takes pictures. Her hors d’ouevres included mini burgers with shots of beer and mini tacos with shots of tequilla. I’m not joking. She didn’t have a sit down dinner, just stations with kabobs and yummies so her guests literally danced for 5 hours to the best DJ in the business. I wanna open a bar called reception and hire Steph to deck the place out and that DJ to mix every single night.

I could talk for another hour or so about this wedding before I even had the chance to talk about Steph and Erik. These two rooooocccckkkkkk. We were making perverted comments within 3 minutes of showing up and laughed for 10 hours straight. They’re fun and happy and gorgeous and kind and welcoming and awesome. I couldn’t possibly love them more. Thank you guys so much. Such a highlight to photograph your day. xoxoxoxoxoxox.

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