Amy and Harry. Royally wed.

I’m almost at a loss for words for this wedding. hahahahahaha ya ya no that’s such a joke… I could talk for a day and a half about this wedding. For the record, Harry is not from the royal family, nor is Amy, but they damnnnnn well should be. Gggaaaahhhhhhhhhh I love this wedding. I wanna talk about Amy and Harry and their families and friends and how much I want to be adopted as their 30 year old child at some point, but let me set the scene for this wedding first. The Mountain Top Inn in Chittenden, VT  (Chittenden is a real place) is a rustic ridiculous piece of muffin land with fields and horses and mountains and lakes and stables and chalets and gorgeous gorgeous gorgeouuusssss weddings. When you have your wedding there on a Saturday you own the place so there were close to 200 people from near and far that all belong to the love fest of Amy and Harry. Amy and her madre made a brilliant decision of hiring Maria from Janie Haas Events to plan this event. Maria thought Hitched just might be a match for these two and I’ve been fist pumping ever since. Thank you Maria and Janie. They also hired Alex from ALPS to do the lighting which meant we got to hang with the coolest vendors in a ridiculous mountain house for a night, and wake up and drink coffee on a porch over looking the mountains and lakes. Is this job real?

I’m not going to try to explain how gorgeous the resort is, or how insane the room looked… there are pictures for that. go figure. What I do need to write about is the people that were at this wedding because they are the real reason this was an absolute staple in our careers. Amy and Harry and their families and friends have left us floating for the last 30 days. Their families were warm, welcoming, funny, kind, and generous. And their friends?! I think they invited about 100 of their friends from Colby and Pomona college, which has caused me to second guess every career decision I’ve ever made because I didn’t play lacrosse or go to Colby. The girls were equally as hot as the guys and every single one of them absolutely murdered the dance floor. I was off my rocker in the crazy booth and had more fun with these kids than I could possibly describe. It’s actually quite evident come to find out because I was somehow in about 200 pictures. tone it, cyndi. Ben and I laughed hard, like tears on cheeks hard when we went through this edit. That is by far my favorite kind of wedding.

Amy and Harry… thank you. You two were an absolute dream to work with. There is nothing like photographing an adorable (gorgeous) couple that is fun and down for anything. You two are sweet and kind and hilariously fun. G’head and make like a million little Amys and Harrys so I can photograph the shit outta those babies. kiddding… kinda. not. at all. 😉 love you both.

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