Ann Marie and Hani: engaged to be married in Hawaii!

Welp, some girls get all the luck.  Which is what I assume Ann Marie says to her own reflection every single day as she walks out the door on her gorgeous legs over to the hospital where she’s an OBGYN.  Sure glad utter babes like Ann Marie and Hani find their way to me because they make me look reeeeal good.   We started the shoot in their adorable apartment in the South End and then headed downtown in the pouring rain (which made great photos) to Stoddard’s on Temple Place. The manager there was cool enough to let us  shoot in their downstairs space as they set up for dinner service.  That was SUPER cool of him so THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Huge love to both of you guys, Ann Marie and Hani!  I sure hope to see you over in Hawaii in 2017!!!!  LOVE!


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