Tory and Joe. Hitched and adorable.

I’ve been searching for the words to try to talk about Joe and Tory since I shot their wedding in November. I mean, that’s a slight fabrication, I pretty much talked about how great their wedding was for a solid month and then talked about it some more, and then procrastinated my ass off on blogging. But here she is. the #joetorylovestory

Ok. Joe and Tory hired Alexis from The Little Things as their wedding planner. Is she the raddest chick on the planet who took care of everything you could possibly imagine? yes. she is. Their wedding was held at the cyclorama in the South End. Ever been there? It’s an enormous circular event space right in the middle of the south end. Between Tory, (Joe), and Alexis they transformed this place into one of the coolest weddings we’ve shot. They had games, a slow mo booth, tattoos, moscow mules, dancing, softball, and their own friends as the MC for the night. I feel like I went to an event. An extremely well planned event… I should have bought tickets or something.

So I could go on and on talking about the wedding of the year but I can only do it justice to tell you about Tory and Joe. Gaawwwwddd I don’t think Ill ever do them justice. Joe is tall and handsome and so unbelievably kind, and his family was awesome and funny and I just kinda sorta want to be adopted into the Rothwell family. Tory? First of all take a long hard look at her dimples. They’re the most perfect dimples on planet face. Thankfully for the rest of this world I dont think Tory has stopped smiling since she met Joe, and that’s the only Tory we’ll ever know. So genuinely happy and pleasant and the kind of person that you want to be around every single day. Lucky Joe. I love and admire these two so very very deeply. Thank you guys so much. Hurry up and make some gorgeous tall blonde babies so I can photograph the shit out of them 😉  xoxoxoxooxoxooxooxoxxox and a couple more xoxox’s.


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