Julia & Scott: a North End love story

I’m getting caught up on some long overdue blogging, as seems to be the theme here this week!

Julia and Scott are absolutely awesome!! They’re getting married at the Exchange Center in the seaport this June and I can’t wait!! If we had this much fun on an engagement shoot, I can’t even imagine what their wedding is going to be like….. stay tuned, you can see for yourself in July! When it came time to choose a place for their shoot, the answer was obvious, the North End. They had their first dates there, they lived there together and it was the backdrop for the origins of their love story…. done! When you’re in someone else’s backyard, you let them lead. I got a tour of all their favorite places and the stories that went with them, crossed paths with more than a few people they were friends with, flipped off an old landlord ( technically it was just the building, but he was probably in there ;)……. oh yeah…. and we took some photos!….ok, we took a ton of photos! We were having such a blast the shoot ended up being twice as long as we planned, which just meant we got to play at night some. Julia made a joke about being down to go into the fountain, you can’t make jokes like that around me, cause you will end up in the fountain!  They had absolute trust in every  crazy idea I had and they were down for anything, I couldn’t ask for more!! Thanks Julia & Scott, I’ll see you in June!!





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