Kate and Noah are married. What are you?

Did you notice we enjoyed an unseasonably gorgeous May here in New England? It was nice, wasn’t it?  To have 80 degree weather where we usually have 50 degree rain?  Ya, Kate and Noah thought so, too.  Their wedding day in May was so gorgeous…it didn’t hurt that Kate is so pretty it’s kindof weird.  And she’s funny and cool, too, which helps me out quite a bit.  And her friends rock.  Which helps us out even more. And both of their families are really nice.   I digress.

So, ya…there ya have it.  They were married at the chapel at a little high school some people refer to as Phillips Academy in Andover.  Our really remarkable 43rd president finished up his high school years there so there’s that. More importantly,  Noah went there, too.   Their reception was over there at the Lanam Club, also in Andover.    What’s not to love? They danced all night, had a killer day, and were really cool to us. Rock.

I always love when brides tell their moms/friends/planners to 'pull it really, really tight'. This is what happens when they obey that rule.

Takes a village.

I mentioned the whole 'so pretty it's weird' thing, right?

Mom's first sight of her baby girl gone bride. Love this stuff.

Ben's so moody and mysterious, isn't he?

Kate and her girls got ready at this super rad home in Andover. We ran all over that little mansion that could. loved it.

Here we go... another entire year of telling Ben how I'd rule the world if I looked like our brides. Let Kate start that parade. sigh.

Did I mention that the house Kate and her girls got ready in was light pink? John Cougar Meloncamp might have said it first, but let me sing my own little tune about Little Pink Houses. Not so little, actually.

We try very hard to catch these kind of looks during a ceremony. Thanks Noah!

This reminds me of that Beautiful perfume ad from like 15 years ago. Did I just totally date myself? It's like when I talk about Morris the Cat or Monchichis. Getting old is super weird.

I keep forgetting to mention that Kate's parents are super awesome. Her Dad promised not to cry during his speech, but I think that might be the only promise to his daughter he just couldn't keep.

d'first dance.

We'd prefer to see a lot more Father-Daughter dances like this.

ahhhh... another year of catching moments like this. God, I love wedding photography.

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June 8, 2010 - 11:06 am

Ben Schaefer - No comments yet!! These are super killer you guys…Everyone needs to start giving the love!

June 9, 2010 - 10:25 am

Kate (not the bride) - As one of Kate the Bride’s rocking friends/bridesmaids, I can tell you first hand how awesome it was to have you guys taking the pics at the wedding. Seriously, it was the best picture taking experience of any wedding I’ve been in…and that says a lot!! And Kate the Bride also loves them…thank you guys :)

June 21, 2010 - 12:41 pm

Molly - These photos are gorgeous. They are making me very anxious to see some of the photos you took at Josh and Rose’s wedding this past weekend!

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