Chris and Crystal. A Martha’s Vineyard wedding.

I’m going to admit that I feel super super lucky I was able to photograph this wedding. Tara was out of town which means not only did I get to shoot with the famous Ben Wight but we got to go to Martha’s Vineyard for the weekend. (sorry T)

This wedding was a highlight of my season. and career. and I’m speaking for Ben when I say it was his as well. We have photographed a lotttttt of weddings, and often get asked what we would do for our own. Well, I’d have Chris and Crystals wedding. Simple as that. I actually want to marry them both. what? Here’s why. There was approximately 80 people on the vineyard celebrating their love which means every one of them was very close to their heart. Not a single person was from New England, so it was a weekend (or week) getaway for them all. They rented a huge ass gorgeousssssssss house and set up a wedding right there in the front yard. Their ceremony was given by a brother and was hilarious and sweet and perfect. They both looked like absolute rock stars. Their flowers were perfect and simple, and guess what, they made them. The food was in stations so not a single person was sitting more than 5 minutes once the music started. I could go on and on and on, but there are pictures to see.

Chris and Crystal thank you so much for including us in your day. Crystal, you are gorgeous, chill, funny, laid back, humble, and down right awesome. I am so psyched to have spent your very favorite day with you. Chris, I know you like it when I swear, but this is for the public eyes. But really, I f***ing love you. You and your 17 tuxedo jackets, you look good in all of them. All your friends?! Gawwwwdd I hope we see you crazies again. Thank you. love. swipe right.


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