Kelly and Bobby: an engagement shoot at my place.

Hahhhht.   Kelly and Bobby came down to my little tree house and I rolled them around the place and photographed them.   They’re sexy and gorgeous and in love so they made it pretty easy.  They’re getting married in May of 2017 up in New Hampshire.  Kelly works at a Inde Salon in Quincy, MA and we’ve been photographer and muse for some time now.  It’s an HONOR to photograph such a beautiful, chill, sweet, down to dart Quincy babeasaurus.  I love these peeps.  Enjoy. Thank you!

**And I should absolutely add that Ben Wight made everything cool in my house: the window seat made of windows, the bed nook made of old barn wood, and the table made of a NorthWest Redwood tree.   Please let me know if you’d like him to make you your dream house.  He can do that for you.


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