Steph and Brett: Engaged.

For her engagement shoot, Steph told me she wanted the classic American Gothic feel.  So when I suggested we meet at Brooksby Farm in Peabody she responded with,  “I don’t want the red barn, white fence, cows thing.  I want modern creepy.”.  Roger that.  Brooksby farm, in late March,  was desolate and cold and full of trees just emerging from Winter.   Turns out a dead apple orchard is creepy af.  Steph and Brett met at UNH and they’ve been killin it and grillin it as a couple ever since.  Jolene is their Great Dane, and their wedding is at The Boston Public Library in October.   She’s a glass blower and he’s a professional paint ball player.  Pretty sure the ol’ BPL won’t know what hit it.  I’ll bring my camera.:)

Enjoy. Thank you. Love.



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