Jen and Kate: Engaged.

Whoop whoop.   Love me a couple ah gals getting hitched!!!!!! Same sex marriage is still new enough (legally) to not be blown away with happiness and a fist pumping Fuck Ya! every time.   And it’s even funner when I’m friends with one (now two) of the gals.   Jen washed my hair at the best hair salon in Boston, Trephin.   Turns out that’s how she and Kate met, too!  What a seductress! We are mere lions in her circus of love!   Kate is Canadian (read: nice) and is in Boston as a child psychologist at Children’s Hospital (:smart).  Their wedding is in Connecticut in July at a private home they’re renting for the occasion.  Gonna be a low key, back yard, food truck kind of vibe, and I’m STOKED for it!

We did their shoot in their sweet apartment in JP and then headed out to the woods.  It was a perfect day, and we all left floating on a cloud of love!

Thank you for your trust, girls.  I’ll see you soon! Love!!


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