Liisa and Doug: a wedding in Gloucester

Remember that time the wicked hot blonde who was also a Wellesley grad and private council at a biotech firm hired you to photograph her wedding?


I do.

I don’t know how I win the client lottery every single weekend, but I do and I think it’s karma for my kankles, but I can’t be sure.   This was a second marriage for both Liisa and Doug so… so it was low on BS and real high on focusing on all the shit that matters:  a meaningful ceremony in a place that’s special to them (and ultra photogenic.  It’s called Ray’s Chasm in Gloucester.  Google it and bring a bottle of champagne), LOTS of dancing, great food, and a room full of their ultra favorite people.  Nothing more.  Both Liisa and Doug have two kids each, and if you were looking for them that evening they were murdering the dance floor along with their cousins.   I smiled the entire day, and honestly.. I’m honored just to know people like Liisa and Doug, never mind be allowed to point my camera at them.  Everything was perfect.  I wouldn’t wish it on a better couple.  Serious.  Thank you guys! Love!!


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