Lindsay and Kenny: married at Winvian in Morris, CT

Have you guys ever heard of Winvian in Morris (no relation), CT?  Well, stop contributing to your retirement plan right now and save up for three nights at this place because it’s AMAZING!!  And Lindsay and Kenny rented the whole fucking place out and HAD A WEDDING THERE!!


so sick.  This was Dream Wedding status on fleck.  Winvian is basically several gorgeous acres in CT with many private cabins scattered in the woods.  Each cabin was designed by a unique architect, and each one is very special.  The main house has been converted into the New England Inn vibe that you dream of (or if you’re old enough it was like the Inn in the show of the 80’s called Newhart.  If you’re not old enough I think it’s also a Pokemon Go site).  And then there’s the barn which when you think ‘man, I’d love to get married in a Pinterest board’ you’re actually thinking of this exact barn.  It’s insane.  Their friends and family are hilarious and fun and cool and nice and welcoming and inclusive.  They raged as hard as they absolutely should have, and we just did our best to keep up.  Truly everything was perfect.  It was an honor.  Thank you guys so much.  We sure do love ya!  And thank you to Elizabeth and Matt for recommending us!  WE FUCKING LOVE YOU!!


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