Alexa and Matt: A wedding at The Four Seasons, Boston.

I met Alexa and Matt when I was fostering four newborn puppies during that horrible New England winter.  They came in my house in JP, we sat on the floor and made cooing noises to puppies that looked like hamsters.  She told me that she grew up at The Four Seasons.. (record screech). No, really.. like… her childhood home was the mother fucking Four Seasons Hotel in Boston.  Her mom was a single mom from Day One, and that said mama is friends with wedding planner extraordinaire Janie Haas.  Basically I threatened her life if she didn’t hire me.

If you think of someone who grew up at a luxury hotel, you wouldn’t be picturing Alexa.  I meet *a lot* of women in this gig, and I will stand by the statement that Alexa Rae Wright is one bad ass, hilarious, smart, rad, fun, real, beautiful, kinda shy, absolutely awesome human being.  I consider her and Matt friends and I would run across a busy street if I saw them just to hug the shit out of them.   Matt is a Scituate fireman…hot…and he’s just the most down to earth, cool dude.  He has a zillion friends, to know him (and her) is to love them, and their wedding really showed that.   They chose buying a boat over going on a honeymoon, and walking into her wedding she already felt like an old friend.

Enough with the mushy shit.  Janie Haas and Maria (from Janie Haas events) put on a fucking wedding that dropped JAWS, I tell ya.  That room looked like an actual fairy tale.  It was STUNNING.  Her ceremony arch made me practically cry, and every single detail was the prettiest shit you’ve ever seen.  Gah. I die.  I’m real glad I brought my camera because I actually like looking through the photos just to remind myself I was there.

Thank you so much to everyone involved. To Janie and Maria for recommending us, and to Alexa and Matt for trusting us.   We love you guys so much I can’t stand myself.  Thank you! LOVE!

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