Gina and Chris: a weddin’.

I’m just gonna g’head and warn you: Gina’s beauty is in the ‘not normal’ range.  Yes, she’s a real bride. No, we didn’t shoot this for free so we could have a model in our portfolio.  She’s real. And a spicy little Eye-Tal-Yun girl she is.   Way glad she loves her photos. ;).  Chris rocks. And is also super hot.  And a chef!?  How hot is that.  He does lots of things, but one of them is being one of the brains behind Clover Food Truck:  Gina is the head wedding honcho over at The Mandarin Oriental in Boston.

In short, their wedding rocked.  It was at Willowdale Estate and Eye To Eye was their super insanely awesome band.  Their friends and family were super awesome, every single person was on the dance floor…and super drunk.  Rad.


Do I really need to comment on this? Would you actually stop looking at this photograph to read it? (gulp)

Introducing m'girl, Gina.

You know the deal. Some things take a village.

Oops, I accidentally took a picture of a doll that I put down on the sofa. Wait a second, no I didn't. THIS IS A REAL BABY. sigh. she's the cutest thing on the planet.

hahahaaa. NOT. NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fiercely gorgeous, my friend.

These were taken at The Langham where Gina used to be the wedding coordinator. She knew where all the good spots were in the whole place.

Seven Super Hotties at Bond, the nightclub in The Langham.

Always a good idea to have people who make you laugh up at that alter with you. Or anywhere in life, for that matter.

Ben snaps a shot of Nervous Nelly right before she walks in the church.

Gina's sister, Christina, walking down the aisle. And Christina's husband and baby proudly looking on. Could you die?!

Chris hugging his mama who lives in Missouri and misses her son. :(

ahhh, the emotional roller coaster of a wedding.

Fun Friends Unite!!!! Love you girls!!!!

Even better: Fun AND good looking friends unite!!

supah dupah hotties.

Oh, look! The pretiest girl in the world!

OK, so this is Chris, Dan, and the rest of the crew talking the head of Willowdale into allowing them to shotgun a bunch of beers. Shotgunning beers was how I spent my time at Marshfield High. I mean...when I went back..after I was 21. ;)


This ancient wedding tradition dates back to the Byzantine empire. If the emperors lived in a trailer park and drank Bud Light. ;)

Always happy to have a bride who's actually having a really joyous day.

...and one who thinks I'm funny. :)

Is this a good looking couple, or whhhhhat!?!?!?!?

Ben Wight, folks. He sees the forest (read: couple) through the trees.

canvas. alert.

my favorite shot of the day. :)

First dance. Probably not the first time Chris has kissed Gina gently on the head. :)

Have you heard? Stylish brides Vogue at their wedding. Truth.

Being sober at a wedding is always interesting. Being sober with a nice camera and lights set up around the room gives me more pleasure than I could have imagined.

Good Night, Willowdale!

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July 6, 2010 - 3:44 pm

Raffi Kebabjian - Congratulations Gina & Chris! What a gorgeous Wedding! Wonderful images, they really capture the essence of the day!

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