Annie and Mike: a DIY backyard wedding on a farm in Jersey.

It’s Annie and Mike’s kind of weddings that make us feel like the luckiest crew in the world.  This wedding was beautiful, unique, photogenic, honest, and creative.  Not unlike the happy couple themselves.  Mike’s older sister is one of my best friends which is how we found our lucky asses here. The forecast called for it to rain on their backyard farm wedding all damn day, and sure enough the skies really opened up just as soon as the ceremony started.  They grabbed a vintage suitcase from their card and gift table and used it as an umbrella, and the show went on! I love that!  Their family and very best friends braved the rain and stood in the downpour for their vows.  We love that shit!  The skies cleared up soon after and the party ensued.  It was a memorable, beautiful, perfect day.  After all, no rain, no rainbows.:)Thank you guys!  We love you!


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