Jen and Kate: married in CT!

Whoop whoop WHOOOOOOP!!!!!   Jen and Kate got married and we got to be there!  So many cool elements to the perfect summer wedding, but the most special element, obviously, is that two people can marry who the love and who they’re committed to building a life with.   This was an absolutely perfect DIY backyard wedding, and Cyndi and I were jaw dropped at the simple, but not too simple because it took a lot of work, perfection.

The location was at a place they found on AirBnB on 6 acres in Connecticut.  They had the shindig catered by Mei Mei food truck (sans truck).  Their dance floor was wooden barn board (!!), and their ceremony was under a big, shady tree.  The backdrop of their ceremony alter was folded paper doilies, they had a cool version of a photo booth, and lawn games, and cold drinks to occupy the masses.  We loved every thing about this day right down to the non assigned seating to the speeches made by their parents.   Two of my best friend, Nina and Laura, of American Echoes, sung them down the aisle, and Nathan of Trephin is responsible for hair and make up.  His man, AJ did the flowers, both centerpiece and bouquets.   Truly everything was gorgeous.  And I wouldn’t wish it on a cooler, nicer couple.  Both Kate and Jen are kind and generous and cool and beautiful, talented and smart, and loved by everyone who knows them.  They worked their asses off for this wedding, and it all paid off. Everything was perfect.  Thank you guys so much.  LOVE!!

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