Haley and Tommy: one helavah backyard wedding. Philly, PA

Holy shit.  Talk about a show stopper, jaw dropper of a backyard wedding.  YOWZA!

I met Tommy at a bar in Brooklyn a few years ago and we stayed in touch over the ol social media.  Well, good move on my part because we got to point our camera at this gorgeousness.  This gorgeous wedding spanned over Tommy’s childhood home’s backyard and their next door neighbors.   Tommy’s mom works really hard on her flowers and yard anyway so it was already gorgeous if they did absolutely nothing to it.  But they did.  I’m not even going to bother talking about it since I do have some photos to show.:) This was an incredible party, a beautiful ceremony, and a night full of surprises and performances.  It was just one of those weddings where both Ben and I were like, damn… that was sumthin.  Take a look for yourself.  ENJOY! thank you thank you thank you to both Haley and Tommy and their wonderful families.  Good luck, kids!! HaleyTommy001HaleyTommy002HaleyTommy003HaleyTommy004HaleyTommy005HaleyTommy007HaleyTommy008HaleyTommy009HaleyTommy010HaleyTommy011HaleyTommy012HaleyTommy013HaleyTommy014HaleyTommy015HaleyTommy016HaleyTommy017HaleyTommy018HaleyTommy020HaleyTommy021HaleyTommy022HaleyTommy023HaleyTommy024HaleyTommy025HaleyTommy026HaleyTommy027HaleyTommy028HaleyTommy029HaleyTommy030HaleyTommy031HaleyTommy032HaleyTommy033HaleyTommy034HaleyTommy035HaleyTommy037HaleyTommy038HaleyTommy039HaleyTommy040HaleyTommy041HaleyTommy042HaleyTommy043HaleyTommy044HaleyTommy045HaleyTommy046HaleyTommy047HaleyTommy049HaleyTommy050


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