LJ and Tyler: Married on the Oregon Coast at Camp Westwind, Otis, Oregon.

I met LJ covered in dust in the midst of Burning Man in 2011.  We were fast sisters, and our friendship has grown over the five years.  Soon after we met she met Tyler, and everyone knew what they had was marriage makin’ love.  They are part of a large and loving and creative and wonderful friend group, and they are the second couple to me married within that crew.   Much younger than I am, I have lived vicariously through these folks, and I love seeing them grow up.:)  LJ and Tyler’s wedding was one of the very best I’ve seen.  They rented out the *entire* grounds of Camp Westwind (LJ’s childhood camp) for the ENTIRE weekend!  So… it was a ridiculous party, needless to say.   The thick Oregon fog rolled in right before their beach ceremony which gave the whole wedding a romantic and ethereal vibe.  This group works together like a team in everything they do and this wedding was no exception.  It was all hands on deck ALL WEEKEND and the community they have built made this wedding.  It was an awesome thing to see, and it was a real honor to be this group’s unofficial photographer.  I do love each one of them like family.  Plus, they needed a village elder. 😉  Love you, dicks.  THANK YOU!  xoxo


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