Marni and Erik: Married in Rhode Island: Aldrich Mansion and Beavertail State Park

Talk about a fairy tale of a weddin!   Marni and Erik live in Manhattan, and knew about Beavertail State park from an adventure they took to get out of the city.   Not that anyone cares, but Beavertail State Park just so happens to be my favorite place in Rhode Island. By a landslide.  It’s a gorgeous, beaver tail shaped peninsula (get it?) surrounded by craggy rocks and cliffs, tide pools, and private tiny tucked away beaches.  It’s absolutely stunning.   Marni and Erik bussed their guests in to this gorgeous little, tucked away spot there to tie the knot.  Their wedding day was a downright pristine day in August so it was really pretty.  Then the party was at Aldrich Mansion in Warwick, RI.  Think Rockefeller type stuff on rolling green grounds.  Beyond beautiful.   Though they met in Manhattan, Erik is from Sweden so there was all sorts of Swedish drinking games and traditions which added to the fun.  A wedding a girl dreams of, no doubt.   Enjoy! Thank you!  GOOD LUCK!  LOVE!!!


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