Jen and Spaits: Married at Lars Anderson Park in Brookline

After ten years as a wedding photographer, there is nothing I love more to see than a couple doing their wedding *truly* THEIR way.  If you’re planning a wedding you know it’s all a very slippery slope.  It’s hard to question every little tradition to see if it’s really you, there’s a wave to it all, and it’s easy to be swept up in the tradition, the fairy tale of it all.

Jen and (Matt) Spaits did their wedding in their way, through and through.  They got ready together in their apartment with their cats and dogs as a big part of the festivities.  They got married around the corner at the absolutely gorgeous Lars Anderson Park surrounded by a handful of family and a few friends.  They had their reception at their favorite Mexican joint in Union Square in Somerville.  Everyone ordered off the menu, they got drunk on tequila, they gave me lots and lots of time to photograph them in both locations.  Boom.  This was a no stress, totally beautiful, absolutely perfect representation of two individuals and a couple.  I absolutely fucking loved it.  Enjoy. Thank you both Jen and Spaits.  Good luck, guys.  Peace and love!


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