Beth and Spiro: a coupla stars get married at Lake Pavillion, Foxborough

I know a star human being when I see one, I do, and these two are just that.   Beth and Spiro are two of the nicest, most loved, best familie’d (not a word) couple around, and it was a JOY to see their friendship and love turn right there into a marriage.  During our formal photographs, Beth and Spiro’s dog charged toward a flock of geese and Beth HUNG ON to him…IN HER WEDDING DRESS!!  It was truly the best thing I’ve seen in a wedding dress ever.  And I’ve seen a bunch.  She truly showed her heart and soul right there: fully dedicated to NOT letting her Husky go, and not givin’ a fuck about dirt on her dress. BRAVO, Beth!  And Spiro’s grandmother was able to attend the wedding and I happen to be there when he was greeting her and thanking her for coming.  There wasn’t a dry eye as far as I could see (which wasn’t that far since I was bawling).   Enjoy their wedding photos, they had a perfect day! Yay Life!  Thank you so much! Good luck!!


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