Joanna and Dave: Married in Brooklyn

So, you’re going to think you’re looking at photos of the Oscars, but this is a real wedding full of real(ly good) people.  Joanna, the bride, miiiiiiiight be my favorite person ever, but she’s tied with the rest of her family so it’s a real toss up.  Joanna is cousins with my best guy friend (besides Ben….haha, I’m so lame) and they have made me family since the very first moment I met them.  I spend Christmas Eve with this crew, I love and adore them all so much it gives me Family Envy.  Real bad.    Anyway, Ben and I photographed this INSANELY gorgeous couple during a light snow storm in December in Brooklyn.  Talk about best case scenario.   It was the highlight of a season and a career.  We absolutely love this wedding, this couple, these friends, these families, and we’re HONORED, absolutely honored, to be asked to document this wedding.  We hope you enjoy it.  Thank you so much!  LOVE!!


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