Kate and Chris: their weddin’

So…. I met Kate when she was like…ohIdon’tknow….six years old, maybe?  It wasn’t that recently, at any rate.  Her older sister, Suzy, was a good friend of mine startin’ way back in the days of Elementary School, and MY older sister was really good friends with Suzy and Kate’s older sister, Kerre.   Do you care? No, you don’t.  But I do, and I’m the author of this post. 😉

AAAnyway…. Kate got a hold of me through facebook last year and we were both super excited at the thought of Hitched photographing her wedding.  Her and Chris ROCK!! They have three amazing dogs and they’re just a great couple.  Their engagement shoot, you may remember, is HERE. Ben and I have been excited for their big day since we last photographed them then, and all our dreams came true.  A PERFECT day, a super fun wedding, a great looking couple and wedding party, and a great location (Indian Pond CC in Kingston, MA).

Here are some of our favorites from the day:


(there are no comments on these photographs.  It’s not because I didn’t have anything to say. ;), but because it takes about 90 minutes or so to upload individual photographs with comments.  If you’re really missing the comments, let us know.  If it’s not a big loss, let us know.  Do it on our facebook fan page or through the comments section here)

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