Jen and Joe: a beautiful, multicultural wedding.

Hoot, hoot!  Our first Chinese American wedding.  What took ya so long, Chinese American peeps!?  Ben and I had the best time EVER at Jen and Joe’s wedding in June.  It was at the Boston Harbor Hotel Wharf Room which is pretty much the most stunning venue in the whole dern city so that didn’t stink.  Jen and Joe put so much thought and organization and detail and fun into their day.  There were door games that Joe and his guys had to go through before Joe got to see Jen, a beautiful tea ceremony in Jenn’s STUNNING Chinese dress, table toasts, a groom’s cake to reflect all the things Joe loves (namely surfing, Hawaii, and the Red Sox), and a third dress change to round out the American, the Chines, and the Party Girl!

This was such a great day for Ben and I.  Thank you so much to Jen and Joe for trusting us with such a beautiful day.

We love you guys.  You know that.


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